Lay Eucharistic Ministers/Visitors

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What is a Lay Eucharistic Minister/Visitor?

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) assist the clergy in the distribution of Holy Communion during our services of worship.  Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) help the clergy to bring the Communion to the houses of the sick and of those who cannot go to church.  These ministries require a license from the Bishop and each requires different and distinct training.  These are among the most intimate and spiritual ministries of the church.


Who Can Become a Lay Eucharistic Minister/Visitor?

Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lay Eucharistic Visitors must be adult, confirmed members in good standing, must be recommended by the Rector, live an exemplary Christian life without scandal, and be regular in worship.  They should have a devotion to and basic understanding of the Eucharist.


What is the Time Requirement?

LEMs must be vested and ready to serve 15 minutes prior to the service.

LEVs – 1-2 hours per week per visit.


For more information about LEMs please contact Ron Moore at (772) 359-7476

For more information about LEVs please contact Peggy Reed at (772) 461-2173