God’s Vision – Our Mission

Gods Vision, Our Mission – a Strategic Plan for SAEC (2016 revision)
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Goal 1   Grow in Relationship with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy
By 2019, we will have a warm and enthusiastic relationship with the Academy that is mutually beneficial to one another and the community at large.

Strategies:To reach this goal over the next five years we will…

A.  Foster two-way communication between church leaders and Academy leaders.

B.  Ensure that church leaders and Academy leaders, committees, and ministries work together for common goals.

C.  Increase opportunities for combined church and school events that nurture a warm and enthusiastic relationship with Academy staff and families.

D.  Become recognized as a leader in how to grow a church through a parish school.






  Initiative     Description
1.A Add parish emails to the distribution list for the weekly Backpack newsletter.
1.B Create/develop a business and talent database for the church and academy.
1.B Identify students that have skills and talents and help them reach their goals.

Metal sculptor, paint with oils, drawings….Parishioners to become mentors.





Celebrate major feast days including St. Francis Blessing of the Animals, St. Andrew’s Day ( 11/30 ), Epiphany, etc.
1.C Develop a directory of volunteers to support Academy through working as substitutes, reading Bible stories, supporting fundraisers, teacher appreciation week, etc.


1.D Form a study group – Academy, BOT, Church, Vestry – to look at best practices in Episcopal schools nationwide who have grown their parish membership. (6/2015)
 1.B Volunteer for the school lunch program to help in any way possible.
 1.B Start a Spanish Ministry (church, Academy and ministries work together for common goals)
 1.C Establish more participation between the academy and church members.  Have students bring their parents to Food For The Soul and then to church.


 1.C Have weekend evening services (Sat. or Sun. 5 pm for youth/families)


Goal 2  Grow in Community         
By 2019, we will be a place where all God’s children can find a spiritual home.

Strategies:To reach this goal over the next five years we will

  1. Increase intergenerational and multi-cultural opportunities for worship, study, fellowship, and outreach.
  2. Create a culture of hospitality and inclusion at all church events.
  3. Ensure that members and friends are well-informed about opportunities for involvement in church activities as volunteers and participants.
  4. Expand the use of technology, especially social media, to connect members and friends virtually.
  5. Build a solid foundation of vibrant stewardship.
  6. Increase the frequency of all-parish services and events, and faith-based gatherings open to the community.





  Initiative     Description
2.A Begin choir exchange with other local churches so we have a better idea of how to include other generations & cultures
2.A Create a plan to attract Ft. Pierce Marina residents/transients to attend St. Andrews.


2.A Form a Lunch Bunch – A group of seniors meet once per month at the church with bag lunch and fellowship. Will include entertainment.
2.B Create a plan for parishioners to wear name tags.
2.D Create an awareness of the Youth Group among parishioners: make a Facebook page and invite all of church to view it.  Put Youth Group fliers in church, and notices of activities in our weekly Fisherman.
2.D Digitally record services & transfer to either CD or file drop box so homebound parishoners can feel included.


2.D Include a link on St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church website for jobs,legal help,veterans assistance.


2.D Get pictures in Hometown News and a yearly (year end) scrapbook. Put pictures on our website. (Start Date = 2016)


2.E Develop, with Vestry and Clergy, a “St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Legacy Society”.




Have Morning Prayer time once/week for the God’s Vison-Our Mission Plan Implementation.


2.A Change things with Food for the Soul to include service, music bible study, movie night etc.  Put a family face to it.


2.A Increase activities that the teens to look forward to.


2.B I will introduce myself to a new member of St. Andrew’s every week and find out something about them.


2.B I would like to do phone work to create a culture of hospitality and to announce church events.


2.B Invite those who want to knit prayer shawls for the various needs.


2.B &C Sit at coffee hour with visitors and new members. Get to know them and welcome them back.  Make phone calls.  Have a print out of volunteer opportunities.


2.C Develop and distribute materials to promote St. Andrew’s.
2.E Buy a food cart to take to events such as car shows, farmers markets etc. to make money.


2.E Advertise in order to increase membership base from the community.
2.F Help in kitchen for events given by church (receptions for events).


Goal 3   Grow in Families with Children and Youth

By 2019, we will be a family-friendly faith community with a thriving network of young adult members and friends.

Strategies: To reach this goal over the next five years we will…

A.  Expand variety and frequency of traditional worship services to accommodate growth and diversity among young families with children and youth.

B.  Offer a la carte opportunities for Academy families to engage with church programs and services without being members, especially during life cycle events.

C.  Increase youth opportunities for fun social gatherings, Christ-centered Bible study, and non-traditional worship experiences.

D.  Increase youth and young family participation in liturgical leadership opportunities.

E.  Leverage technology and social media to connect with families with children and youth in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.

F.  Restore, maintain, repurpose and/or improve buildings and grounds to best facilitate ministries to youth and families with children.







  Initiative     Description
3.A Provide a youth contemporary service once a month at 9:15 AM.  Have the youth group involved and participating.  Practically leading the service.


3.A Form a Feasibility Committee to study Sunday service schedule so as to open adult education and fellowship opportunities for all ages.
3.B Form a committee to solicit donations for a free fair that will attract young families and children.  Tickets would be given at the gate for food, drink, and activities.  The activities could include bean bag toss, jump house, and many, many more.


3.B Introduce Girl Scouts to K – 12 students.
3.C Support Youth Group through Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts.


3.C Hold family picnics/barbeques and movie nights (not just July 4).
3.C Begin a Cub Scout pack sponsored by St. Andrews’ Church.


3.C Combine Youth Group activities once every few months with all kids from K-12 to improve the transition and encourage continuation from each level.

Planned game night, movie night or interactive skits led by the older youth.







Create a committee for establishing a youth group for children in grades K – 6.  Eventually, offer bible study on Wednesday nights for this group.  Also, bridge all youth K – 12 once monthly or once every few months.
3.C Establish a plan to augment Vacation Bible School to serve as local outreach.
3.D Increase youth and young families participation in leadership.




Create a new picture directory for the Church which will be updated after 1 ½ years.


Create a butterfly garden for the Memorial Garden and church courtyard using native and eco-friendly plants.

Build butterfly houses, install birdbaths, benches and shade for the Memorial Garden.


3.A Hold a monthly combined service where elements of each service are utilized.  Use praise band and choir.


3.A Alternative Service Idea:  Have a rock band at services to draw in teenagers.


3.C Offer to rent a vehicle for each weekend activity in which more than 6 youth participate.  Provide my van for any activity for less than 8 participants.  Seven days notice is needed for each initiative.


3.F Dedicate time to improve and/or enlarge the Memorial Garden.

Be involved in connection with construction of new/large cross down by the river.

3.F Be an advocate to the Vestry for reasons why the Youth Group needs their own space.
3.F Develop new and updated restroom facilities for youth, children, families with children and adults.  Make more facilities because of growth and needs for families with children and seniors with special needs. Provide access for wheelchairs and other physical limitations.


Goal 4  Grow in Membership

By 2019, we will have grown in faith and numbers as a place where diverse people come together to experience and share the love of Christ.


Strategies:To reach this goal over the next five years we will…

  1. Preserve traditional worship while adapting services to attract younger people and diverse ethnicities, and innovating new worship opportunities with high appeal and low budget impact.
  2. Adapt existing and innovate new religious education programs to meet the faith formation needs of existing members and friends, Academy families, and faith seekers who are not yet members or friends.
  3. Adapt existing and innovate new pastoral care programs and services to meet the life cycle needs of current congregational members and friends, Academy families, and prospective members.
  4. Develop a comprehensive system of incorporating new members, from first visit through active involvement and confirmation.
  5. Strengthen and develop new lay leadership, and encourage all current members and friends to actively serve in some aspect of congregational activities.
  6. Increase the use of technology in teaching, preaching, evangelism, worship, and communication.







  Initiative     Description



Start a Children’s Choir including parish, academy and others in the area.

4.A Conduct feasibility study to determine the current condition of the organ vis-à-vis replacement vs. refurbishing.
4.A Include Youth Group Flyers in the church Welcome bag.  Place/post Youth Group Flyers outside the Parish Hall where newcomers and visitors can see them.
4.B Prior to 2015 Utah General Convention,  have Clergy and others lead discussion for parishioners on controversial issues on the convention agenda  (in order to educate and retain members).



Attract new members from the marina and waterfront.  Define St. Andrew’s as a downtown, waterfront church.  Advertise in marine publications/erect large cross visible from the river/raise funds for the project


4.B & E














Have a weekly Bible Study to learn what the Bible has to say to us today.


Offer Study Group for different ages/Sunday School for grownups/Greater Understanding of bible and our own traditions.


Bible Study and interactive spiritual discussions.


Organize & develop fellowship/study groups where small groups of parishioners would meet once a week at their homes or public space i.e.: park for fellowship & bible study. Ex: woman’s, men’s, couples, young adults. The focus would be fellowship for ½ hour then more into 1 hour bible study & discussion. (Start date: 2016-17


Reach out to school for students to start Bible Study for 5th and 6th Grades.


Have a Bible Study focusing on a particular topic/doctrine/book for intensive study.  Not possible within a service.  (Start Date:  2017)

4.B Institute ALPHA (2016).   Create a team for implementation (now).
4.D Hold a Welcoming Brunch/Lunch for new members.
4.D Set up a Kids Scene at First Fridays on the River with an activity for children in order to attract new members.





Put St. Andrew’s info. Brochure in North Beach Condo’s bulletin boards                                                                                                                                                         so snowbirds are aware of St. A’s location and times of services so that people come to Ft. Pierce instead of to Vero.





Goal 5  Grow in Outreach

By 2019, we will be a vital voice in the community and a recognized leader in providing service beyond our church.

Strategies:To reach this goal over the next five years we will…

  1. Assess existing ministries and create an effective infrastructure to deliver services.
  2. Increase collaborative programming between St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and other local faith-based and community organizations and initiatives.
  3. Continually strive to expand or add outreach programs, especially those that involve underserved and special needs           populations, and the environment.
  4. Increase family and youth involvement in community outreach programs.
  5. Attract involved and uninvolved people in community projects.
  6. Use technology as a tool for outreach and evangelism.





Initiative Description

5.A Improve hospital visitations and flowers ministry.  Update training for these ministries.   Educate parishioners and families to better coordinate communication between patient and Church office.


5.B Volunteer for Missionary Flights International.   Represent St. Andrews packaging meals for this non-profit organization.



Work with community leaders, agencies and schools to place signs of peace and hope throughout troubled areas of Fort Pierce (to discourage violence in the Community).   Similar project to Love Up, Guns down Program.


5.C Expand outreach programs, especially those that involve underserved and special needs populations.  Formalize Pastoral Groups to provide needs to our church population and provide continuing education/training and provide education in areas not commonly available like the elderly, hospice, people going through life style changes.
5.C Form committee to create environmental plan for St. Andrews to improve our stewardship of the environment.
5.C Initiate program to encourage better communication with persons in various types of assisted living.   Coordinate prayer groups of persons in assisted living, keeping Church informed of needs and status of persons in assisted living.
5.C Develop a literacy outreach program using the Bible which targets the local community.





Coordinate informational seminars led by professionals in the community, non-profits with expertise in the subject area, St. Andrew’s Church parishioners, and Academy staff and parents with knowledge of the subject.  The seminars will be for parishioners, Academy parents, students at the Academy, and interested persons outside the Church and Academy.  Possible seminar subject areas could be  1) For parents: parenting skills; 2) For students (K-12): what to expect in high school, college, the workplace, life in general; 3) For persons who are looking for a job how to interview, how to write a resume, how to conduct oneself in the workplace. The intent of the seminars is to allow knowledgeable persons to share their expertise with others.
5.D Plan social events to which the Church, Academy, youth group, and friends, are invited.  For example a large annual event on Ft. Pierce Lady or other fishing boat, or bi-monthly fishing trips.  Have a speaker from a tackle shop.
5.D Study the feasibility of selling palms to churches in colder climates.   Youth Group to coordinate and retain profits.


5.E Encourage involvement from Community, Church and Academy in CROP walk on 2/22/15.  Advertise event.
5.E Create a plan to encourage Church and Academy members to be active in the Community including holding Community leadership positions.   Encourage participation in and leadership of Sarah’s Kitchen, Mustard Seed and other Community outreach programs.
5.C Everyone bring in a mug for use at coffee hour and events.
5.E Church to be more a center of the community.  Realize the importance of the Church in the founding of America.  Bring Christ up to 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21stcentury.