Daughters of the King

Who are the Daughters of the King?

The Daughters of the King members pledge themselves to a life long program of daily prayer, service and evangelism and work under the leadership of a chapter president.  Daughters are young and old, rich and poor, community leaders and mothers, doctors and teachers, secretaries, executives, and housewives, sinful and wavering, generous and strong.  In short, they are ordinary human beings enabled by God’s grace to do His work.  They are women dedicated to serving our Lord and building up His church.


What do they do?

 Prayer is the foundation upon which Daughters respond to God in service to others.  As a Daughter you will come to understand that you can do more than pray AFTER YOU HAVE PRAYED, but you cannot do more UNTIL YOU HAVE PRAYED.


Times of prayer to God are followed by times of service to people.  You will prepare and deliver meals, visit the sick and dying – praying with and for them, welcome and integrate newcomers into parish life, befriend those shut in, and comfort bereaved families.


Evangelism means communicating Christ’s message and His love in the power of His Holy Spirit.  Each Daughter promises to make a conscientious and constant effort to bring others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His church.


The DOK Motto

For His Sake

I am but one, but I am one.

I can not do everything,

but I can do something.

What I can do, I ought to do

What I ought to do,

by the grace of God, I will do.

Lord, what do you want me to do?

 Time Requirements

Daily – approximately 1 hour at home.  Monthly – for meetings of approximately 2 hours at the Church for group prayer, study and fellowship.


For more information, please contact the Anne Randall, President, at (772) 475-9728 or chickwick1@aol.com.