Cursillo literally means a “short course”.  It is a “short course in Christianity”, designed for Episcopalians who are developing in their faith and wish to deepen their faith and understanding.  Someone who has been to a Cursillo will sponsor you and guide you through the process and escort you to and from the weekend.  The Cursillo is a 3 day format, from Thursday evening to Sunday, which centers around 15 talks – 5 given by priests and 10 given by lay people – who have previously attended a weekend.  The atmosphere of a Cursillo Weekend resembles the early Christian Community, communicating the message by making use of Liturgical and Sacramental Actions, Meditation, Talks and Discussions, and Community Building. Cursillo is for persons of all ages.

Persons who have been to Cursillo have a better understanding of scripture, their faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit in them. Empowering them in their daily lives.  There is nothing in the Cursillo weekend that will embarrass or haze anyone.  To the contrary, the Cursillo team is a group that loves Jesus and you will see that lived out in their service to you, making sure you are comfortable physically and spiritually and in the work needed to be done for the weekend such as meal preparation.

Looking for a rewarding, safe, and fun Christian experience?  Consider attending a Cursillo weekend.   Talk to Bill White, coordinator,, or the parish priest. You will come home energized, and seeking ways to be of service to others.  This weekend will change your life.  Almost everyone that attends says so.

History of Cursillo

Cursillo originated in Mallorca, Spain, in the 1940’s with the Roman Catholic Church.  The first Cursillo in the United States was held in Waco Texas, and until 1961, all Cursillos were held in Spanish.  In the mid 1960’s, The Episcopal Church Movement was a gift from the Roman Catholic Church, and the first all Episcopal Weekend was held in the Diocese of Iowa in 1970.  Episcopal Cursillo #1 for Men in Central Florida was held in February 13-16, 1975, and Cursillo #1 for Women was held April 3-6 in that same year.

For more information, please contact Bill White at (772) 579-2107 or