Coffee Hour

What is Coffee Hour?

 This vital weekly event serves many purposes.  It is a time to touch base, catch up with friends, give and receive support to and from members of our parish family. It’s a time to meet and greet visitors and newcomers to our church as well as to gather and share information about the many activities, ministries, and upcoming events and programs at St. Andrew’s.

St. Andrew’s provides coffee, tea, water, and pastries each week.  The volunteers make the coffee, set out the goodies, and clean up afterwards.

Could You Help?

We are always on the lookout for people who can help set-up before and clean up after coffee hour. People generally sign up for one coffee hour per month.  Volunteers should leave the service after receiving communion so that they can tidy up, make coffee, and set out the snacks.

Time Requirements

Coffee hour should be set up before the end of service.  Those signing up for 8:00 or 9:15 simply need to tidy up after coffee hour is over.  Those signing up for the 10:30 service need to put everything away and turn off the burners.

For more information, please contact the Church Office.